I love teething!


Here’s the deal. I’ve been blogging here for quite a few months now, but really wanted a blog with more advanced features. So here I am.

A short introduction if you’re just picking up from here:

Yael, 28, proud and harried mother of Neta, a 28 month old girl, and Yiftah, a 5 m/o boy, living in Israel, crafting, cooking, changing diapers, managing to put in an occasional five minutes of working, and kvetching about it all.

So, yeah, I love teething.




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2 responses to “I love teething!

  1. Hi! I checked you out via your post at getcrafty. 🙂

  2. chase

    I also tracked you from getcrafty. I’m another mom on her second kid (3 and a half years, and 3 months old) , also loving drooling and sibling rivalry. Not. So, how exactly do you find time to work, write and even kvetch??? OK; I kvetch all the time, less working, crafting and writing. peace!

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