I aten’t dead

Just going through rough times.

My hands are aching from making two fair isle caps in about five hours as an alternative to a psychotic breakdown. (Now some people will think that it’s cute that I am using that term as a literary element to describe me having a bit of a mood. Nope.) And yet I still can’t put down my Clapotis.

Tomorrow I will finally have some time to sit down and deal with the work that’s been piling up. But at this rate I will not be able to type for tendonitis. Nu.

Back to the needles.



Filed under Crafting Under Fire, Random Ranting

2 responses to “I aten’t dead

  1. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one being kept on life support by crafting. Try to get some sleep when possible, even if it means spending the night away from home.

  2. Dude, all of Dec and Jan were spent KNITTING, and I mean knitting..they were all smallish projects but it was the only thing keeping me from my own nervous breakdown, and I mean that literally.
    Now, I just knit to slack off…which is all the time, but shhh.
    And I want to start Clapotis…just need that jitterbug.

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