No knitting today :-(

With all the knitting I’ve been doing recently to soothe myself, I managed to un-soothe my right wrist and left fingers. So I’m going to try with all my might not to pick up the needles today. I’m still a little skeptical about that, particularly as my plans to go bellydancing with friends tonight fell through. Anyhoo, I took the rare opportunity of having free hands to take some pictures of the FO’s all finished in the last week. Note that there a few more things OTN but I left those out.

I made Yiftah a vest that shows his true nature.

Baby Pirate vest

I can’t get him to sit still for long enough to model it though.

Pirate vest action shot

I made Tal some socks so he will constantly be thinking of me at his so called physics conference at a ski site with 5-hour lunch breaks next week. I told him not to bring me any gifts. I hope he has more sense than to listen to me. Note that the fit is not perfect because I am modeling. The fit on his feet is immaculate, if I may say so myself.

chunky woolly socks

After prolonged suffering from second-mitt syndrome, I finally finished my second Fetching, just in time for what may well be the last truly cold front of this winter (how sad).

Handspun Fetchings

I also started knitting up a bunch of EZ fair isle caps. These are so simple and fun that there may well be one OTN at all times until I finish all of the acrylics in my stash. With no intention whatsoever of this happening, the first one I made got sold off Yiftah’s head. And I was originally planning to give it to Neta, but when I showed it to her, she saw that I had already made the ribbing for the second one, and she told me that it was going to be hers. How could I possibly object?

First fair isle cap

Second fair isle cap

Neta has been repeatedly asking me to teach her to knit. I have no doubt that at 2.5 y/o, teaching her actual knitting is a bit early. I am pondering the matter of knitting looms, though. She is a very focused young lady, with pretty good control of her fine motor skills. Advice on this matter is most welcome.

Now I am going to NOT pick up my needles, but rather try to find something else to do. Like maybe laundry or something so my kids don’t smell funny.


ETA: I cracked. Neta came home, and I manage to provide us with a whole 20 minutes of entertainment with pipe cleaners before I succumbed to the pressure of Neta’s demands to see Big Bird on DVD. Yiftah has been wailing on and off (but more on) for the last two hours or so, and I felt I was about to cross the fine line between “ticked off mommy” and “unfit mommy” so I picked up the Clapotis, reasoning that it’s not too fine a gauge, and seeing as I am for some reason totally incapable of memorizing the pattern repetitions, so I am working it slowly and stopping to read the pattern every other row.

The vest is my own improvisation, using the skull illusion chart from Ysolda Teague’s Skull Illusion Scarf.



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4 responses to “No knitting today :-(

  1. That vest is aweesome! Is it your own design?

    Hope your hands are feeling better soon! I went through a month of non-knitting (and wearing a splint) last winter when too much baby-lifting injured my wrist. Wow, it was hard not to knit–but I’m so glad I gave my body the break it needed to heal properly.

  2. Morgan

    my daughter (3,5) wants to learn how to knit too, but I haven’t find a way for her either, I hope she will want it still when she’s a bit older…

    great FO’s!

  3. Yiftah is a beautiful baby, and his vest is cute ! Congratulations (for the vest and the baby !) 😉

  4. Gayle(aka) Cherrycola

    Your knitting is so beautiful. Yiftah is a beautiful and happy baby. Love your husband`s socks. So nice and tosty on his tootsies! Perhaps you should wear a wrist band when you knit. It helps me.

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