Because some things should not go without speaking

I would like to dedicate this post to my husband, Tal. It’s not his birthday, our anniversary, or some cheesy Hallmark holiday that requires getting all soppy about your significant other, but he is a wonderful man, and it deserves to be known.

He is my best friend. He is my muse. He is my pep squad, towel boy, and coach all wrapped into one. He brings the best out of me, and braves the times when the worst comes out of me.

People often ask if he helps me. I’ve said this so many times it feels cliched, but it’s the truth: to say that he helps me would not do him justice, because it implies that the responsibility is mine alone, and he does things to make it easier for me. No, he shares with me. He carries his own load and helps me with my own on top of that. He takes care of the kids, cooks, cleans, folds laundry, and so much more. Because we are in it together.

Even though he professes not to be particularly creative, he takes an active interest in my creative endeavors, often giving me creative advice, and even ideas (in case I did not mention, Johnny Cash was his idea). He supports my choices, and always encourages me to express myself, even if it means less money in the bank and less time spent being “useful”.

He knows me and “gets” me.  He can move me to tears with small gestures, and make me laugh when nothing else can.

Together, he and I have made two simply magical children and have built a home for ourselves where we have shelter and comfort. He is a better teammate than I ever could have wished for myself, and I feel blessed that he is my companion in this life.

We’ve been together for more than ten years now. It is so easy after a while together to take each other and love for granted. So many couples start out with perfectly beautiful loving relationships and wake up several years down the line unable to remember what it is keeping them together. I think that more often than not it’s just because they don’t stop to remind themselves enough, because it’s obvious, it goes without speaking.

Well, I’m speaking. I don’t want to forget. From where I’m standing now, I want to remember every day of my life how much I love this man, and why. I want him to know it, every day of his life. Because this one’s a keeper.


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  1. Gayle(aka) Cherrycola

    What you wrote about your husband brought tears to my eyes. I can tell how much you really love and appreciate him. He does sound like the ideal husband. I must come back and read this when I get upset with my husband. He is my best friend too. My guide, my mentor and consultant. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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