Doubt Sets In

I should have known that mixing German philosophers and socks was risky business. I’ve just finished reading the introduction, and have started reading on the Transcendental Doctrine of Elements. I’m afraid that other than bashing Hume a bit and explaining the need for this critique to examine our methods of reason as a way of acquiring knowledge of the world we live in, I don’t really get what Kant is trying to do. I guess that the reason that Kant is considered difficult to read is that Kant is difficult to read. This may have been a very poor choice for the learning experience that is the sock.

The sock. The sock. I’m at the heel right now. I’m experiencing severe doubts regarding the cuff. It looks like it may be a bit too slouchy for me. And I can’t imagine why, but I decided to try an eye of the partridge heel. Now, on one hand, I’m not terribly afraid of fudging the sock, because the book is long, and as I said I have a whole dung heap of the yarn which I bought for peanut, so even if the yarn is damaged beyond repair for whatever reason, it’s no major loss. I am generally not afraid of frogging projects, particularly not something as small as a sock. On the other hand, my only motivation for trying the eye of partridge heel was that I had heard mention of it on Yarn Zombie’s blog. I did not even know what it’s supposed to look like before I plunged into making it. Nu.

After working it for a little while, I finally bothered to check what it is supposed to look like. This is what it’s supposed to look like:

I don’t really see that happening yet with my sock. This is what my sock currently looks like:


So what I’m thinking is that I will trudge on until I turn the heel, and then try it on. If it turns out to be the travesty I am fearing it is, I will frog it, and maybe look into a companion book to help me with Kant. If it turns out to be okay, there will be much rejoicement, and I will forgive myself if I abandon Kant, say, for Alice in Wonderland. Mathematicians on LSD are far more my thing than German Hume-bashers.


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One response to “Doubt Sets In

  1. That looks like a plain reinforced heel. After any number of times messing up that way (or having random alternations), I found that I simply have to use a row counter (or a ticky-mark system) to get it right. If the row number -1 is divisible by 4, it’s a sl1-k1 row; if it’s not, it’s a k1-sl1 row. It’s absolutely impossible for me to “read” my knitting well enough to get it right without such a system.

    And if the heel’s a mess when you finish it, well, who’s going to be squinting at your heels? Every sock is a learning experience.

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