You know you’ve found true love when

Your man goes away to spend a week in the middle of nowhere, and still manages to get you a really great and well thought out gift.

Tal went to the US to attend a physics conference at UConn, and we were shattered when we learned that the only yarn to be found in Storrs, CT, is at Walmart. Don’t want to sound like a yarn snob here (though I guess I am a bit) but, um, no. Please do not get me yarn at Walmart. I’d be happier with a bag of Skittles from the airport shop (he did that, too).

The only place he found any kind of shopping to be had was at the university co-op. And sweet soul that he is, he got me Retro Knits, a book full of retro knitting patterns as far back as the 1900’s. Some of the patterns there are really cool, the one that has piqued my interest most so far is a bathing suit. I am going to give it a shot one of these days.

For all those who are wondering, I got my computer back. Which means I will be drawing the winner of the Crocs contest today-ish.

On the home front, Yiftah has been sick with a low grade fever and very runny poo for about a month now. We are still not sure what is up with him, so far all the tests have been inconclusive. The only thing that is sure is that he is sleeping even worse than usual and is very clingy most of the time. Sigh. Neta’s summer vacation starts next week, and it’s hard enough dealing with him now without competition from his sister.

They’re both such amazing kids, but being with both of them together without Tal around really completely drains me. This past week that he was away, even though my sister was here and was incredibly helpful, was insanely difficult. He is just really my teammate and it doesn’t really work properly without him.

Well, I’ll be posting the winners later. Let’s all have a good week, then, ok?



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3 responses to “You know you’ve found true love when

  1. Oh sad on the feverish poo kiddies! sorry but laughing at the CT trip! I lived in the area there for 7-ish years and yup, not too much in the area.

  2. Well, you know, Wal-Mart yarn is good for…uh…dishcloths. Yeah, dishcloths! All that Peaches & Creme has to be good for something, right?

    Can’t wait to hear that I won the contest! I mean…see who the winners are. Yeah, that’s it! ; )

  3. Too funny. Yarn from Walmart… exactly.

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