And so far, yberry, in true spirit of Team LSG, has had a slow start.

Day 1: yberry sleeps through most of the opening ceremony, and is graciously awaken by her DH 5 minutes before the presentation of the teams. Instead of casting on she has coffee and winds two balls of the designated yarn, because she was too lazy to do it beforehand.

Day 2: While watching Israel take a beating in judo and swimming, yberry frantically scrambles to finish her SIL’s birthday present, and then casts on 4 times before finally deciding whether she wants to work her socks toe up or cuff down. Cuff down it is, but both at once on magic loop.

Day 3: yberry is beginning to think that she would have been better off signing up for the Special Ravelympics because surely having to walk this earth with one screaming toddler weighing down each leg (lucky I have only two of each) must count as a handicap. Have proudly completed the 1 inch K1P1 ribbing for the cuffs, yberry feels very accomplished and needs another cup of coffee.

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2 responses to “Ravelympics

  1. sounds like lots of distractions! It’ll get there!

  2. Lindsay

    aww…poor yberry. i’m sad that i’m not in israel anymore. mostly because i miss the s&b..lol
    getting married on saturday…ahhhh…and knitting has been my stress reliever…hehe. 🙂

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