I keep expecting life to get normal

And it keeps not doing that.

Yesterday was the last day of the endless drag that is the Tishrei holiday season. I figure that in a year or two it won’t be as much of a drag because as soon as Tal graduates and gets a “real” job, we will come to cherish the times that we get to spend on vacation with the kids, but for now the kids get bored really fast when they’re on vacation, and we’re not particularly inclined to follow the endless herds to all of the family attractions our fine country has to offer.
So now we are supposed to have more than two months without any vacations whatsoever, surely a promising period of time for me really settle into a routine that pleases me and meets my goals. Not as such. I’ve got another cold. This time, we’re going for sinusitis, after Rosh Hashanah’s stellar strep throat + digestive virus which led me to get an IV of fluids for dehydration. Yiftah, bless his soul, didn’t want to leave his frail, ill mother alone, so he’s got a milder version of whatever it is I’ve got, but poses a threat to public health because in his case it has manifested in the form of an eye infection.

Dyeing yarn? Sewing? Knitting? I’m sorry, I can’t imagine what you are talking about.

Now don’t think for a minute that it hasn’t crossed my mind that the so-called “normal” I am thinking about does not exist and that this is normal, to have my children enrolled in daycare but have more days of them at home than out, or to be otherwise incapacitated if they so happen to be away for the day (did I mention that my sciatic pain has been flaring up something awful lately?). Yes, this is normal, just like last year’s normal, only I’m paying for childcare but don’t have the time to work enough to make up the difference in expenses.

It’s normal. It’s just that at the moment, normalcy sucks.



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3 responses to “I keep expecting life to get normal

  1. Julia (Purlia on Ravelry)

    If you can get a hold of a Neti Pot, it works wonders for a sinus infection (without medication – bonus).

    ‘Round these parts, we just received notification that a child at my daughter’s preschool has contracted the Coxsackie Virus, or rather, Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Fan-f**king-tastic!

    I hope that all of you feel better soon.

  2. Yael, Shalom!
    I hope you are feeling better. Revi (my daughter) talks about you a lot. I look forward to meeting you when I come for a visit at the end of November. Want me to teach you how to crochet? (Revi can do that too, but I taught her!).


  3. squidwidget

    J: Coxsackie is not as horrible as you’d think. The kids had it this summer, and we had it to a lesser degree. I’ll cross my fingers you don’t get it anyway.

    Y: If you have access to a swimming pool, remind me to tell you some stretches that worked for me when I was pregnant and my sciatic nerve was throttling my spine.

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