Discover an Etsy shop – Arc En Ciel Creations

My explorations on Etsy led me to this lovely shop, which specializes in nuno felted scarves, for all seasons.

The gorgeous felted creations in this shop make me kind of wish I was past the point in life at which anything that is not decidedly machine washable get ruled out for lack of functionality. The colors make me want to hug someone.

You may or may not have noticed that I have a thing for rich, deeply saturated colors. A lovely palette like the one above can very well make me somewhat teary-eyed. Colors excite me. Ridiculously so. I’m talking the ability to spend a good hour or so just examining a box of Crayola crayons. It’s like the intensity of my emotions somehow finds an outlet in color, and I honestly feel better for it afterwards. Cheaper than therapy?

Now, I know that the holiday shopping rush has passed. Thank heavens we always have birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. And not to pressure anyone, but I will be turning 30 in May, and maybe by then will have the occasional opportunity to get away with not having anything smeared on my clothes for an entire evening. Not that I’m trying to push anyone to spend money in these trying times.

But, gosh, aren’t they pretty?



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2 responses to “Discover an Etsy shop – Arc En Ciel Creations

  1. Oh, those are gorgeous, but I’m with you: I look at everything and think, “Will baby yuck come out of that or, even better, will this camouflage baby yuck?”

    Let me know when they make a wash and wear one! Etsy rocks.

  2. pretty! pretty!

    *blink blink*

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