Let’s ring in ’09 in style!

Ok, to be perfectly honest, I don’t give a rat’s ass about New Year’s. It’s another date. Got plenty of those.

And yet you must admit that being under Hamas fire is a helluva way to celebrate. All in all, we’re doing quite well. The house is well stocked, the weather is too cold to go out anyway, and the bomb shelter has wifi. It’s just plain surreal.

Monday, at about 2am, my neighbor was called off for emergency reserve duty somewhere near the Gaza strip. About 8 hours later, his wife was hospitalized for labor induction about a month early, due to low levels of amniotic fluid. Last night at 9pm, as she was pushing their third child into the world, with him by her side, though still in fatigues and fully armed, their older two kids got to spend five minutes in the bomb shelter facing ours, with their grandpa as babysitter. Totally surreal.

Enough kvetching about our situation here, though. There are people in the world who have it much worse. There are people 30 minutes away from me who have it much worse.

February 1st will mark a year for the brilliant conception of LSG – Lazy, Stupid, and Godless, a ravelry group that has become so much more for so many people. For the occasion, I want to do something fun, and all you yarncrafters out there are welcome to join me.

I hereby present the first-ever WTF?!-along. I’ve been wanting to do a sort of homage to the late and great You Knit What?? for some time now, and in conjunction with LSG festivities, it seems perfect.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete some sort of yarncrafted project over the month of January. This project must be of the kind that makes people go “WTF?!”, and must be fugly as hell. On February first (well, actually the 48 hours it takes that date to sweep the entire planet Earth), we are going to test the human race’s capacity for conceptual art gone muppet-puke, and auction off the fruits of our ridiculous labor on ebay or the like. I’m all for artists actually living off their art, so you can keep some for yourself, but if you make any money on it, at least 50% of the proceeds should be pledged to the charity of your choice. What you actually do will have to rely on the honor system, but I have faith in us crafty folk to do good where we can.

I will be unveiling badges for the participants as the month progresses. If you become so attached to your fruit of fug to let it go, keep it for yourself, but still please do make a humble donation. Let’s try to make our own little scratch in the world, ok?

To join, just comment your pledge here. Progress reports can be emailed to me: yberry AT netvision DOT co DOT il (if you are not a spambot you will know what to do with that address, right?), and will be posted here for the world to see.

I’m going to start by pledging my donation to חיבוק ראשון (“First Hug”) – an Israeli organization whose volunteers spend their time touching, hugging, and caressing abandoned infants in neonatal wards across the country.

* Please note that if you are planning to make something that might have copyright issues, please do obtain permission from copyright holders and make sure that you are completely clear on what can be done with revenues in advance.

And I will raise a glass of nog to life, friendship, and all things fibery, with the hope that ’09 only improves on ’08.



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3 responses to “Let’s ring in ’09 in style!

  1. I’m going to knit some truly heinous socks!! What a cool idea.

    And hey, do whatever you can to stay safe, okay? I wish I could do an “I Dream of Jeannie” blink and whisk everyone away until the madness takes a breather. Hearing about your friend watching his baby come into the world while he’s fully armed…I have no words.

    Anyway, consider me in (fugly socks!). And take lots of deep breaths.

  2. planetariumfish

    Well, if my first pair of socks doesn’t turn out suitably fug, I guess I can always make a cute tawashi out of mismatched colours of yarn, so it’ll be fug AND useful?

  3. crisscross

    I wanna do this, but I don’t know what to make. (And no, this is not an invitation to make jokes about “Well how would you differentiate the WTF project from the other ones you do?” 😉 )

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