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It’s been a month

A whole month of good health chez yberry. Well, you know, what with the war and all we were too busy to be sick.

But I am currently writing this post with a snot-nosed little monkey named Yiftah climbing all over me. Luckily for him, he is adorable and gorgeous as ever on ibuprofen, so I am more able to accept not being able to do anything except being his mommy today.

Though I guess it’s all ok. I don’t really have any pressing work to do, the shipment from the supermarket is annoyingly late so I can’t even glance yearningly at the kitchen wishing I were cooking, and even the fiber workshop I was supposed to prepare a dyeing class for was canceled (or postponed indefinitely, as I would like to believe). So I can just sit here and bask in Yiftah’s glorious adorability. He is definitely da shit.

Hmm. I just noticed that I used an unusual amount of adverbs in this post, or am I just usually a little weak in that department? Well, Yiftah is destroying Pocahontas, so I better go do something about it.

Let’s just all have a good week, mkay?


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Peace, fleeting

Yeah. There’s been a war going on here.

Contrary to other parties involved, we had it pretty easy, as far as wars go. The kids were at home because daycare was closed part of the time. There was the discomfort of having to head to the bomb shelter when the sirens went off. There was the stress of knowing that the sirens were not necessarily going to go off before missiles fall. There were the occasional missiles falling quite close to home. But all in all, we had it pretty easy.

The ceasefire was announced on Saturday. Saturday night, I heard a series of booms, and several minutes later it turned out that several missiles fell nearby without any warning. Still, it’s been quiet since. Quite a few missiles were fired yesterday to other areas, until the Hamas decided that they agree to cease fire as well.

Everybody has been quick to declare themselves the winners. Quite frankly though, I think you don’t have to be particularly bright to realize that we are all losers. What we did to the civilians living in Gaza is just a tragedy. Granted, this tragedy could have probably been averted if the Hamas government was not using its constituents as human shields for terrorist activity against civilian targets in Israel, but it is a tragedy, nonetheless.

Another stark reality is that this ceasefire is quite evidently temporary. It will last several weeks, several months, maybe even several years. But it will be tense and fragile, and it will end and we will go back to being ducks at a firing range, and feel very justified in inflicting further horrors on the unfortunate innocents living in the Gaza Strip, because terrorists have chosen to live among them.

On the news last night, they interviewed a Palestinian refugee living in Jordan. When asked how this was going to all be resolved, he said that for the time being we are going to make peace and live side by side, but that eventually they were going to kill all of us Jews. That’s it. This was not any terrorist or political activist talking. Just your average Joe (well, Ahmed). For many people, at least on the other side, that is the only visible solution. And it doesn’t mean that they hate us as individuals. It’s just that in their eyes we do not belong here, and that will eventually have to be corrected, at any cost.

And isn’t that really what it all boils down to? Do we belong anywhere? The future of the State of Israel is not obvious to me. I love this place and cannot see myself living anywhere else, but what chance to we have at any kind of sustainable existence if we are surrounded by people who are willing to wait patiently but believe eradicating us is the only way to go? And if that is the case, what future do the Jewish people as a whole have? Either being ethnically cleansed or being completely assimilated into other cultures?

I do so terribly want a peaceful existence. Peace with other nations, peace with the environment, peace with myself. The only thing I really seem to have any kind of control over is the “myself” part, and that is quite limited. But it seems that any choice I make, even simply being alive, is causing irreparable damage and disruption. And if that is the case, how can I even be at peace with myself?

Oy, I’m getting myself into a corner here. Though I guess that is just keeping with how we’ve all been feeling here these past few weeks. Cornered.


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Discover swiedebie on Etsy

I don’t know if it is terribly wise of me to be introducing someone who can be considered competition, at least in part, but I have the most terrible weakness for all things cute and plush, and swiedebie’s shop is just adorable.

Take this guy, for instance. He’s freaking adorable. I can’t say to a certainty that if he were mine I would share him with my kids, even though he is safe for kids over two. He just looks like he fits perfectly into hugging position with a sleeping toddler. Do I sound like an informercial? I don’t care. I luuuuuuuurve this little dude and if I see him around etsy for much longer, I am probably going to end up snatching him up for myself.

If you are looking for something smaller that you can write off as being functional for the discerning individual, how about this?

If I weren’t so pathetic at keeping things in one piece, I would use this dude as a cell-phone dangler (even though I have been alerted that this is something only Israelis do, I don’t care – I’m Israeli, proud of it, and whoever has a problem can fire a missile at me at watch me go neener-neener from my yarn-insulated bomb shelter), to give my cell phone that extra bit of character.

The store also has adorable felt pincushions and mascots, and a wide selection of sock monsters, some of which are baby safe. I think nothing can beat handcrafted items for babies. It’s such an expression of care, on so many levels. This might be wishy-washy idealistic of me, but I think that a child who grows up knowing that toys, clothes, etc. can and are made by actual people will come to have more respect for their things and where they came from.

Anyway, a quick look through the shop reveals quirky, creative, and functional toys that are just full of charm and cheer. Once I get over being jealous that I’m not the one who made it all, I will be able to wholeheartedly endorse it.


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Peace, momentary, part II


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It’s moments like these that put it all in perspective, and remind me what’s really important.

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Peace, momentary, part I


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On the way home from an overnight breather in Tel Aviv, away from the rockets.

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Peace, washable


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We made it nice and big so it knows where to land.

*le sigh*

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