Discover swiedebie on Etsy

I don’t know if it is terribly wise of me to be introducing someone who can be considered competition, at least in part, but I have the most terrible weakness for all things cute and plush, and swiedebie’s shop is just adorable.

Take this guy, for instance. He’s freaking adorable. I can’t say to a certainty that if he were mine I would share him with my kids, even though he is safe for kids over two. He just looks like he fits perfectly into hugging position with a sleeping toddler. Do I sound like an informercial? I don’t care. I luuuuuuuurve this little dude and if I see him around etsy for much longer, I am probably going to end up snatching him up for myself.

If you are looking for something smaller that you can write off as being functional for the discerning individual, how about this?

If I weren’t so pathetic at keeping things in one piece, I would use this dude as a cell-phone dangler (even though I have been alerted that this is something only Israelis do, I don’t care – I’m Israeli, proud of it, and whoever has a problem can fire a missile at me at watch me go neener-neener from my yarn-insulated bomb shelter), to give my cell phone that extra bit of character.

The store also has adorable felt pincushions and mascots, and a wide selection of sock monsters, some of which are baby safe. I think nothing can beat handcrafted items for babies. It’s such an expression of care, on so many levels. This might be wishy-washy idealistic of me, but I think that a child who grows up knowing that toys, clothes, etc. can and are made by actual people will come to have more respect for their things and where they came from.

Anyway, a quick look through the shop reveals quirky, creative, and functional toys that are just full of charm and cheer. Once I get over being jealous that I’m not the one who made it all, I will be able to wholeheartedly endorse it.



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7 responses to “Discover swiedebie on Etsy

  1. ooh, Swiedebies’s creations are sooooo cute!!!

  2. She sure makes the most cute monsters!

  3. Thank you, Yael for featuring me.

  4. Oh, Jorgo is simply adorable! Great cheery colors and look at that grin:)

  5. Ooooh, the monsters…they are talking to me….must buy monster!

  6. Yes, u must see it in real. They are very cute. I bought a few items from her and supposed to be as gifts. They are so adorable that I just cannot resist giving them away but kept them for myself in the end. : )

  7. Thank you girls for the support. Very sweet of you!
    Many hugs xxx

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