It’s been a month

A whole month of good health chez yberry. Well, you know, what with the war and all we were too busy to be sick.

But I am currently writing this post with a snot-nosed little monkey named Yiftah climbing all over me. Luckily for him, he is adorable and gorgeous as ever on ibuprofen, so I am more able to accept not being able to do anything except being his mommy today.

Though I guess it’s all ok. I don’t really have any pressing work to do, the shipment from the supermarket is annoyingly late so I can’t even glance yearningly at the kitchen wishing I were cooking, and even the fiber workshop I was supposed to prepare a dyeing class for was canceled (or postponed indefinitely, as I would like to believe). So I can just sit here and bask in Yiftah’s glorious adorability. He is definitely da shit.

Hmm. I just noticed that I used an unusual amount of adverbs in this post, or am I just usually a little weak in that department? Well, Yiftah is destroying Pocahontas, so I better go do something about it.

Let’s just all have a good week, mkay?


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One response to “It’s been a month

  1. Yes, let’s! A good week is a stellar idea.
    Sorry Yiftah is sick, but happy to hear that you’re both in good spirits anyway.

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