Call For Submissions

Remember this?

I want to do it again this year. I want it to be much bigger, to cover ALL of the sculptures on the first hit, and to have repeat waves in one or two sites that see a lot of traffic of the kind of people who might be feeling cold and are indisposed to fix that for themselves. This means I need at least 20-30 scarves. I now have 5. See the problem?

If you have any scarves, neckwarmers, shawls, or the like lying around that need a new home, I would greatly appreciate any such contribution. Also, if you have an able pair of hands and your own hooks or needles, you are most welcome to come over and join me in decompressing my massive yarn stash a bit by churning out more neckwear.

And if, assuming we have enough to really make this happen in about 2 months’ time, you want to put on some black clothes and engage in some urban guerilla tactics (to be followed by frozen yogurt and booze), let me know.

Just leave a comment (and say so if you don’t want it to show up here after moderation), and I’ll give you whatever information is necessary.


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One response to “Call For Submissions

  1. I’m in. some scrves are not used here and would love to be utilised. send me the details

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