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Totally Cause To Be Proud

When I was in elementary school in Los Angeles, we were given a questionnaire to fill about ourselves. One of the questions there was about role models. Something along the lines of “Who is your role model, and why?”
The girl sitting across me around the table snickered when she saw that I wrote down “my mom” as my choice. She tried to explain that role models are supposed to be famous. I told her I don’t know anybody famous who is as good a role model as my mom.
My mom is a very cool person. All her life she has dealt with not quite fitting into any mold that anybody else tried to apply to her, and very often, it’s given her a lot of trouble. But it’s also brought her very far, completely on her own merits, and it is clearly reflected in my brother, my sister, and I, however different each one of us may appear to be from her.
And now she’s going to do something very big and neat, and that she is completely the best person to be doing it. And I am so proud of her.

You will always always be my role model, even if my style of not fitting in is different from yours. I love you, Ima.



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