Not Really

I didn’t expect to really be able to blog about the winter jazz festival to the same extent of my blogging in the summer. I went with my kids, which meant that rather than having a lot of leisure time to kick back, relax, and sort my thought, I didn’t even really have the chance to listen to the shows as intently as I would have like.

However, the actual reason turned out to be something I didn’t really expect.

That, my friends, was not a jazz festival. Of eight shows, only two were clear-cut jazz, and at the very best maybe half were jazz. The rest was not. Might have been lovely, but was not jazz.

Frankly, we should have expected this, seeing as the director of the festival this time was Dubi Lenz, who specializes in world music, as opposed to summer’s Avishai Cohen, who is a true blue jazzist.

Had they billed the festival as a world music festival, or just a music festival, we might have come anyway. I don’t think there was any way we would have missed The Bad Plus on the first night, and both Friday and Saturday nights each had at least one show that was notable in our opinions. I find it mildly annoying that they sold this festival under the Red Sea Jazz Festival label, though this might just be me and my luddite ways.

Anyway, I promise to be back in the summer, with much more to say, for various reasons. I hope to have other things to say along the way. Just a personal note to Mr. Lenz: your condescending comments on specific genres of music you deem too common for your undoubtedly sophisticated taste may have rung true with the more refined members of the audience last night, but they sure as fuck pissed me off. I found your snooty comments alienating and insulting. If you’re directing a winter festival next year as well, we are going to have to see a lot more jazz to be willing to put up with your personality, sir.

On a completely different matter, if you’re a subscriber to this blog, and don’t follow me elsewhere, you might not know that I make music, too. Uh, sort of.

Anyway, I have another blog, dedicated strictly to my weekly gift of music to cyberspace. Take this week’s song, for example:


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