The best way to find out about me is just to read through this blog.
I’m a mommy. My daughter Neta was born on July 20th, 2005, my son Yiftah was born on July 1st, 2007. Sometimes the realization suddenly hits me that I’m the adult in the relationship with them, and then I am mostly amused.
I also do a lot of crafting. Mostly knitting, but I also sew, spin and dye yarn, and am up for trying almost anything at least once. I also cook, draw, dance, and do, um, stuff. Anything to avoid housework, basically.
I am a certified practitioner of various holistic therapy techniques, such as reflexology and various kinds of massage. I am not practicing now, as long as I am homebound with whatever baby I’ve most recently given birth to. I do plan to go back to it when the kids are a bit older.
I’m happily married to Tal, a doctor of physics who loves cats, and somewhat dislikes people.
For a bit of pocket money, most of which I blow on my nasty yarn habit, I do some work translating and writing, mostly intellectual property material.

Um, there’s more, but I don’t remember it all. Last night my husband read a headline out loud to me, that said that breastfeeding increases intelligence. I asked whose, because it certainly doesn’t do that for the mommy.


One response to “yberry

  1. missschwartz

    Woah, I was pretty good. I didn’t read this first. I’m a teacher, sometimes I look up and realize that I am the adult in the room, then I look at my students and say, “Did your teachers really leave you with me? That makes me the adult in the room. I am in charge.” Then they all chuckle and reply, “You may be in charge, but you are by no means an adult.” But not quiet so eloquently.

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