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Totally Cause To Be Proud

When I was in elementary school in Los Angeles, we were given a questionnaire to fill about ourselves. One of the questions there was about role models. Something along the lines of “Who is your role model, and why?”
The girl sitting across me around the table snickered when she saw that I wrote down “my mom” as my choice. She tried to explain that role models are supposed to be famous. I told her I don’t know anybody famous who is as good a role model as my mom.
My mom is a very cool person. All her life she has dealt with not quite fitting into any mold that anybody else tried to apply to her, and very often, it’s given her a lot of trouble. But it’s also brought her very far, completely on her own merits, and it is clearly reflected in my brother, my sister, and I, however different each one of us may appear to be from her.
And now she’s going to do something very big and neat, and that she is completely the best person to be doing it. And I am so proud of her.

You will always always be my role model, even if my style of not fitting in is different from yours. I love you, Ima.



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It’s been a month

A whole month of good health chez yberry. Well, you know, what with the war and all we were too busy to be sick.

But I am currently writing this post with a snot-nosed little monkey named Yiftah climbing all over me. Luckily for him, he is adorable and gorgeous as ever on ibuprofen, so I am more able to accept not being able to do anything except being his mommy today.

Though I guess it’s all ok. I don’t really have any pressing work to do, the shipment from the supermarket is annoyingly late so I can’t even glance yearningly at the kitchen wishing I were cooking, and even the fiber workshop I was supposed to prepare a dyeing class for was canceled (or postponed indefinitely, as I would like to believe). So I can just sit here and bask in Yiftah’s glorious adorability. He is definitely da shit.

Hmm. I just noticed that I used an unusual amount of adverbs in this post, or am I just usually a little weak in that department? Well, Yiftah is destroying Pocahontas, so I better go do something about it.

Let’s just all have a good week, mkay?

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It’s been more than two weeks

since we got back from our trip to Boston, and I am still unable to put the experience into words.

All I can really say is that it just gave me the energy I had been lacking. Life is still busy, the kids are still very much themselves for better (and how) and for worse, but I have a little bit more patience, a little bit more coping ability. A little bit more of the vision necessary to see the bright points in my days, for they are many.

Take this, for example. Neta was named, on good authority, Best Giggler Ever. Trust me. It’s true.

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I keep expecting life to get normal

And it keeps not doing that.

Yesterday was the last day of the endless drag that is the Tishrei holiday season. I figure that in a year or two it won’t be as much of a drag because as soon as Tal graduates and gets a “real” job, we will come to cherish the times that we get to spend on vacation with the kids, but for now the kids get bored really fast when they’re on vacation, and we’re not particularly inclined to follow the endless herds to all of the family attractions our fine country has to offer.
So now we are supposed to have more than two months without any vacations whatsoever, surely a promising period of time for me really settle into a routine that pleases me and meets my goals. Not as such. I’ve got another cold. This time, we’re going for sinusitis, after Rosh Hashanah’s stellar strep throat + digestive virus which led me to get an IV of fluids for dehydration. Yiftah, bless his soul, didn’t want to leave his frail, ill mother alone, so he’s got a milder version of whatever it is I’ve got, but poses a threat to public health because in his case it has manifested in the form of an eye infection.

Dyeing yarn? Sewing? Knitting? I’m sorry, I can’t imagine what you are talking about.

Now don’t think for a minute that it hasn’t crossed my mind that the so-called “normal” I am thinking about does not exist and that this is normal, to have my children enrolled in daycare but have more days of them at home than out, or to be otherwise incapacitated if they so happen to be away for the day (did I mention that my sciatic pain has been flaring up something awful lately?). Yes, this is normal, just like last year’s normal, only I’m paying for childcare but don’t have the time to work enough to make up the difference in expenses.

It’s normal. It’s just that at the moment, normalcy sucks.


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We have a winner, but it definitely isn’t me.

First of all, for unfinished business. The winner of 100 g of handpainted sock yarn in loving memory of my Crocs is Sharon Rose, whose comment was randomly drawn once I got my computer back.

This is what I’ve done with the Crocs, after we realized that they were too stiff and warped for Tal to wear them comfortably. One of these days, I’m going to be sneaking him a pair of his own, because he does look a bit silly in my new yellow ones with the huge flower decorating one.

Now, as for the Ravelympics, I’ve got FAIL written all over me. I was beginning to realize it wouldn’t happen in the middle of the second, but still I soldiered forth because I’ve been plagued with missed deadlines as of late and really wanted to break the curse. On Saturday, the day before the closing ceremony, I finally got to the toes, and had flighty visions of myself grafting the very last stitches just as the Olympic flame is extinguished. But.

Tal and I spent the better part of Sunday running around Beer Sheva with Yiftah, who was scheduled for a bone density scan in the morning to rule out a bone infection in his big toe (that had us in hospital two months ago) as the reason for his constant fever and toxic poo. That was fun in itself because he had to be injected with a dose of radioactive isotopes. Tal and I decided he was now a superhero – Radioactive Boy – whose superpowers include peeing lasers and pooping enriched uranium (that’s definitely what it looks like). Oh, and we also had to give him an anasthetic to knock him out for the second scan later in the day, but he spit out half of it, so instead of falling asleep, he was really antsy and Tal and I had to contort ourselves into bizarre poses to keep him still. The first scan was funny because I kept him still by breastfeeding him, so while he was lying down on the examination bed with his legs between the sensors, I was leaning over the bed with a boob dangling into his mouth, and everyone was happy (especially the technician, no doubt).

In the interim between both scans, we hopped over to the pediatric ER for two pediatric specialists to take a look at him. Their conclusion was that it is not his toe, and that it’s either mono or something of the sort, or an intestinal parasite. Fun. Good times.

The bone scan came back negative, so they were right about that. Tomorrow we have another series of lab tests. So far Radioactive Boy’s poop has been coming back negative for parasites (surely even they cannot survive its immense toxicity), so we get to take more blood from the poor kids to try to see if we can find any interesting antibodies.

On one hand I am relieved that it’s not a bone infection. On the other hand, not knowing what this is is just driving me insane. At the moment, it seems that we might not even find out what it is before it goes away (please please please go away – I don’t care what you are), and the only real question is WHEN?

So if we go back to the matter of my string of failed deadlines, I chose to express my frustration by giving myself a suitable medal:

When I look at my days right now, what with having both kids at home until the end of August, and with Yiftah being especially needy, I realize that anything I get done other than just being with them is just gravy. But still… Why is it that I feel so frustrated that I’m “not doing anything” when actually my hands are unbelievably full?

September is just a week away, and then I will have so much spare time I will not know what to do with myself…


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You know you’ve found true love when

Your man goes away to spend a week in the middle of nowhere, and still manages to get you a really great and well thought out gift.

Tal went to the US to attend a physics conference at UConn, and we were shattered when we learned that the only yarn to be found in Storrs, CT, is at Walmart. Don’t want to sound like a yarn snob here (though I guess I am a bit) but, um, no. Please do not get me yarn at Walmart. I’d be happier with a bag of Skittles from the airport shop (he did that, too).

The only place he found any kind of shopping to be had was at the university co-op. And sweet soul that he is, he got me Retro Knits, a book full of retro knitting patterns as far back as the 1900’s. Some of the patterns there are really cool, the one that has piqued my interest most so far is a bathing suit. I am going to give it a shot one of these days.

For all those who are wondering, I got my computer back. Which means I will be drawing the winner of the Crocs contest today-ish.

On the home front, Yiftah has been sick with a low grade fever and very runny poo for about a month now. We are still not sure what is up with him, so far all the tests have been inconclusive. The only thing that is sure is that he is sleeping even worse than usual and is very clingy most of the time. Sigh. Neta’s summer vacation starts next week, and it’s hard enough dealing with him now without competition from his sister.

They’re both such amazing kids, but being with both of them together without Tal around really completely drains me. This past week that he was away, even though my sister was here and was incredibly helpful, was insanely difficult. He is just really my teammate and it doesn’t really work properly without him.

Well, I’ll be posting the winners later. Let’s all have a good week, then, ok?


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You and what army?

sock monsters galore

I wish I had more time to post, but it is just insanity central here. We spent Yiftah’s 1st birthday last week in hospital – little dude had an abscess in his left big toe which needed to be drained and treated with intravenous antibiotics. Since then he’s been at the breast like a two week old and playing around with low-grade fevers and tummy trouble.

The Undertaking of Grandiose Proportions has been completed successfully, and not a moment too soon. I just finished hot gluing the eyes on about half an hour ago and the party is tomorrow.

All we have left to do now is decorate the cake, make tahini cookies and date balls (sounds inappropriate for a nursery school birthday, I know), and spread 30 pita halves with hummus. And take the very sharp scissors out of Yiftah’s hands.



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