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KniTerrorism, or Art Happens

It all started a little over a year ago. Elections were coming, and as these things usually go before elections, all sorts of improvements were sprouting all over Beer Sheva, to prove that the present administration was worthy of another term in office.

While the mayor eventually lost, to his protege, no less, we had gained a lot of urban art. I was most partial to these guys, who were populating traffic islands all over town.

While I found them charming, the thought crossed my mind what with desert nights being really cold starting October or so, that the poor things must be freezing. Something had to be done. I knew right away.

Now, I knew right away, but I have this thing called My Life, and it tends to get in the way of many of my lovely ideas. So it took time, and a lot of stitching in between other things, but I finally went ahead with it last night.

The lovely lovely members of my Stitch ‘n Bitch group, Shani, Revital, Rotem, Adi, and Omer enlisted their services to my vision of warmer statues in our quiet desert town. Some of these scarves were knit by many hands, others were patched together from bagfuls of granny squares that were languishing in my crap room (and some of those are particularly fugly). One I even finger knit, using the fingers of the arm I broke this past summer as loom prongs. And so on, so forth.

So we set out armed with hooks and needles, with a trunkful of scarves, and high spirits. I instructed everybody to take our work seriously and dress in dark colors, as true guerilla warriors would for extra stealth. And we hit the streets.

It was truly one of the most fun times out I can recall. Turns out we’re a really fun bunch, even when it’s ridiculously cold. Maybe especially so…

And they looked so COOL with the scarves on. It’s like it was meant to be.

What next? My most optimistic vision for this work is for the scarves to start disappearing, being collected by the city’s less fortunate, or just cold, for that bit of warmth that was missing so far. This just so happens to be the first week of this autumn in which the nights are really drastically colder than the days. Tal has prepared me for the scenario that the same single crackhead will collect them all and sell them off for more dope. Either way, at least the statues were warmer for a little while, right?

When I went out for my round this morning, all but one scarf were still in place.

At any rate, if this has any kind of positive response, I will be trying to go for another couple of rounds of attack. There are several other such clusters of statues I’ve had to neglect this time, for lack of scarves and stamina. And they all deserve a bit of warmth.



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